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Child Custody, Support, Modifications And More

We know that family law disputes are much more than legal matters and procedural issues. At the heart of every divorce involving children are parents with often conflicting ideas about where their kids should live and how they should be raised. When legal conflicts involve such important questions, answers are often not easy or quick, but are instead arrived at with the help of an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer skilled in negotiation and litigation.

At the law office of Sharon A. Johnston, Attorney At Law, we have spent nearly two decades helping divorcing parents protect their kids with workable parenting plans, visitation agreements, child support settlements and more. We represent parents in Huntsville, Decatur and across northern Alabama in divorce negotiations, mediation and litigation.

Comfortable, Confidential, Competent

We know that divorce generates stress and never more than when it involves children and custody disputes. With that understanding, we create a comfortable office atmosphere in which your family law issues can be discussed confidentially. We want to understand your priorities and your circumstances, so that we can be your resolute legal representative.

We represent mothers and fathers in matters involving primary custody, joint custody, visitation schedules and child support. We also provide representation and advice in grandparents' rights disputes, modifications to custody orders, paternity issues and parent relocation matters.

The law office of Sharon A. Johnston also represents clients in mediation that can resolve custody issues, as well contentious divorce disputes over asset division and more.

While we are aggressive in protecting our clients' interests, we are also keenly aware of the sensitivity in custody cases and strive always to safeguard your children. We understand that child custody cases can be emotionally charged and stressful, which is why it is important to us to keep lines of client communication open.

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