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We Have The Experience And Knowledge You Need In Your Divorce

No one can understand the deep emotions, internal struggles and complex choices you face in divorce as someone who has been through the process understands them. An experienced family law attorney has been through the process, helping clients deal with the emotional turbulence of family law matters and helping them understand complex legal issues so that they make informed choices.

The law office of Sharon A. Johnston, Attorney At Law, helps clients in Huntsville, Decatur and across northern Alabama take on the challenges of divorce and find workable solutions to difficult problems in disputes over child custody and child support, marital asset distribution and more.

When we work with you, we listen carefully as you describe your situation. In this way, we come to know you and understand what is most important to you in your divorce. The process of listening and discussing your situation enables us to be your informed advocate in all negotiations, mediation and litigation.

Our firm's founder, attorney Sharon A. Johnston, spent four years as a municipal judge, has gone through her own divorce and has spent nearly 20 years as a family law attorney helping clients through all aspects of divorce.

We provide thoughtful advice and resolute representation in all divorce matters, including:

  • Child custody: We help you work out parenting plans, visitation, parental rights and child support issues.
  • Property division: In Alabama, marital estates are not split down the middle, but are settled by courts striving for "equitable" distribution of assets and debts. We know the law and we understand asset protection for business owners, homeowners, parents and individuals with stocks, real estate and other holdings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Not every divorce should be or will be fought out in court. With our extensive experience and knowledge of the law, we are able to help you get favorable results in divorce mediation. In the alternative dispute resolution process of mediation, you and your lawyer negotiate a divorce settlement with the other party and their attorney. It can reduce the amounts of time, stress and money involved in litigation while disputes over child custody, child support, property division and spousal maintenance (alimony) are negotiated in a structured setting.

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